Its Transition time..!!

Posted: August 27, 2010 in Uncategorized

As someone said before ,their is nothing permanent except change.Though changes have been part and parcel of my life,this month of August has indeed proven to be a game changing one.

First thing ,yes the change in my blogging platform.From the simple yet efficient, to this uber cool wordpress platform.First impressions is quite grt.More themes and customisation option but the real winner is the professional look and feel compared to blogger,which at times looked so prehistoric in this iphone age. not a iphone fan 🙂

Secondly,at the moment im enjoyin my best days in NSN, …yup,im in my much awaited notice period :-).My first job pre-maturely expires this September end.yes..ive made my first major career decision to call it quits from Nokia siemens networks.Hmm..After 3 years of ‘tireless’ coding ,the inevitable decision is made(the reason ??..i feel it deserves another blog post)…

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