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An Open Letter To Sachin

Posted: March 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

Courtesy: Facebook.->Telugu Community
Cant help sharing this awesome piece of writing that echoes the sentiments of billions of Indians .

Dear Sachin,

I feel sad. Even after 22 years of playing for the country, you are still expected to win matches on your own.
We forget that apart from you there are 10 more players in the team. You have been the run machine in World Cups with an average …of 60.
Even today while you yet again proved your class with a 111 the others around took it easy. You chased the ball in the outfield and ensured that your throws landed on top of the bails. Others preferred to drop catches or go back to the dressing room for a ‘rest’ while a substitute fielder came in.
Sachin, the current Indian cricket team doesn’t deserve you. They don’t know what it is like to give one’s blood and sweat for this nation of a billion people. For them fame and money has come to easy and undeserving – not commensurate to the ‘supposed talent’ that they posses. Do you remember what you had said to Tom Alter in that interview in 1989? “I just want to play cricket”.

Sachin, let me also not hide the truth – you are not my favorite cricketer – but one plays favorites only with humans – not with Gods for they are revered, emulated and looked at in awe… [We expect Sachin to win this cup for us. But what about the other players? Are they supposed to be playing ludo in the dressing room? I hope that the rest of the team wake up and realize that they are not there to ‘play’ in the tournament, they are supposed to ‘win’ it – not for themselves, not for India but for the greatest Indian to have lived – Sachin Tendulkar.

P.S: In the 1992, Hero Cup semi-final in Eden Gardens Kolkata (India Vs. SA), SA needed 6 runs to win off the last over. Tendulkar snatched the ball from Azhar and bowled a magnificent over to win that match for us. (He gave away only 3 runs). Maybe our team needs to watch that over to know what guts and glory are all about.]

Sachin, I hope we win the final in Wankhede. If we don’t a billion people can only hang their heads in shame and ask for your forgiveness.

One of your undying fans who:
1. Still goes crazy when you hit that straight drive and show us the manufacturer’s name on the bat.
2. Stayed awake late into the night before my end terms to watch that 100 in Sharjah in the midst of that sandstorm.
3. Relished every shot that you played to decimate Warne in 1998 and then Shoaib Akhtar in that 2003 World Cup against Pakistan.
4. Will stop watching cricket after you retire.


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Memoirs @ NSN !!!!!!

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മലയാളത്തിന്റെ ആസ്ഥാന ബ്ലോഗ്‌ ആയ berlytharangal വായിച്ചു മടുത്തപ്പോള്‍ ,ഇന്റര്‍നെറ്റ്‌ എന്നാ അനന്തസഗരത്തില്‍ കയ്യറി ഒന്ന് തപ്പി .കൊള്ളാമെന് തോന്നിയ ചില മലയാള മണമുള്ള ബ്ലോഗുകള്‍ താഴെ .

അടികുറിപ്പ് :ഓഫീസില്‍ ഈച്ച ആട്ടി ഇരികുമ്പോള്‍ ഏറ്റവും നല്ല വിനോദമാണ്‌ മലയാളം ബ്ലോഗുകള്‍ .ബോസ്സിന്റെയും സഹപ്രവര്‍ത്തകരുടെയും എത്തിനോട്ടം ഒഴിവാക്കാന്‍ വളരെ അധിക്കം സഹായിക്കും .

Finally the much maligned common wealth games fiasco gets a silver lining in the name of the maestro,AR Rahman.

Today in the ‘swagatham’ function at Gurgaon was unveiled the much awaited theme song, ‘Jiyo Utho Badho Jeeto‘ for CWG.Though being a die-hard Rahmaniac, the song  just seems ok-ok in the first hearing.

But as usual i expect the rahman magic to unveil itself to mesmerize both desi and international audiences .

Kalmadi though continued his streak of mistimed and dumb quotes by declaring that CWG will better the last Beijing olympics ..:-) NO COMMENTS

Check out the theme song below

Its Transition time..!!

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As someone said before ,their is nothing permanent except change.Though changes have been part and parcel of my life,this month of August has indeed proven to be a game changing one.

First thing ,yes the change in my blogging platform.From the simple yet efficient, to this uber cool wordpress platform.First impressions is quite grt.More themes and customisation option but the real winner is the professional look and feel compared to blogger,which at times looked so prehistoric in this iphone age. not a iphone fan 🙂

Secondly,at the moment im enjoyin my best days in NSN, …yup,im in my much awaited notice period :-).My first job pre-maturely expires this September end.yes..ive made my first major career decision to call it quits from Nokia siemens networks.Hmm..After 3 years of ‘tireless’ coding ,the inevitable decision is made(the reason ??..i feel it deserves another blog post)…

The ideas of India – Hindustan Times

Review: Inception

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Review: Inception – Hindustan Times